A fundraiser for Ukraine

During such tragic times, when everybody needs help and resources are scarce, people are undeniably the first priority. Ukrainian defenders, people who lost their homes, refugees, children and elderly...

But because of that we feel even more responsibility for those who may be left behind. Now they need our help more than ever.

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As animal lovers, we've been supporting UAnimals.org since their inception years ago. They are the biggest animal rescue organization in Ukraine, but unlike many big charity organizations, they are very grassroot, very Ukrainian style, always on the ground, actually helping animals with minimum bureaucracy.

They also work with other smaller organizations, shelters and individuals that may be in a dire situation, but don't have the knowledge or resources for their own fundraising. So we know that by donating to UAnimals, we also support dozens of smaller and less known teams and individuals in all corners of our country, who otherwise would never be able to do as much as they are doing today.

With the cold coming and whole Ukraine freezing in darkness, UAnimals are raising funds for generators, construction materials, animal food and other supplies for a number of Ukrainian animal shelters. You can see these separate fundraisers on their website and can also donate to them directly through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/uanimals

Until the war in Ukraine is over, we made a decision to donate 50% of our profit to UAnimals.

With every purchase in our store, you're helping Ukrainian animals survive these horrible times. Let's do it together 💗